General Association Representation:  Illinois Condominium and Homeowners' Association Lawyers

A condominium or Homeowners' Association is no different than a small to medium sized business or even a mini-government. Associations have elected officials, they conduct business with outside entities, deal with constituents, and unfortunately (every once in a while) they become involved in disputes.

Associations are often forced to resolve disagreements with unit owners, contractors, management companies, and even local governments. Whenever these disputes arise, your association should have an experienced and well-qualified law firm to represent its interests.

At the Law Offices of Howard D. Weisman our practice is focused on the representation of condominium and homeowners’ associations, and has been for more than a decade. Contact us today for immediate assistance with all legal matters relating to Illinois condominium and homeowners' association laws.

We have vast experience in an extremely wide array of litigation matters including:

    * Contract disputes

    * Unit owners’ disputes

    * Arbitration proceedings

    * Collection matters

    * Mediation and other alternative dispute resolution options

An association has to be ready to face any legal issues that come its way. If a unit owner challenges an amendment or provision of the Declaration of Condominium, the association and its attorneys must be ready to face that challenge.

For example, if a roofing contractor fails to properly repair your roof, you will need an attorney with some construction law experience. And when the Board of Directors is served with a Petition for Mandatory Non-Binding Arbitration, someone at your association’s law firm needs to know their way around the State of Illinois and the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

Before making any decisions or statements regarding a dispute that you or your association is faced with, contact an experienced Illinois condominium and homeowners' association attorney at the Law Office of Howard D. Weisman to obtain professional legal advice.

Collecting Assessments for your Association

At the law office of The Law Offices of Howard D. Weisman we are dedicated to helping Illinois condominium and homeowners' associations successfully manage their finances.

In a friendly, yet effective manner, our firm can assist with collection of assessments from delinquent unit owners and will help your Association recover the capital necessary to run its everyday affairs. Our qualified staff has helped countless Associations alleviate their delinquency problems, enabling the Board to operate without the daily stress of worrying about how the next bill will be paid.

Contact us today to put our knowledge and experience with association law and finances to work for your association.

In order to accomplish your Association’s goals, we first start by working with the Board of Directors to create an evenhanded collection strategy. It is important for your Association to establish criteria to be used to determine when a unit must be sent to collections, and what method of collection will be implemented.

After the strategy has been determined, it is time for us to take over. In strict accordance with the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act and Illinois Statutes, we will prepare demand letters, file liens, and if necessary, file foreclosure actions. At all times in the process, we are more than willing to reach an acceptable payment plan with the unit owners, intended to benefit both the Association, who will be able to recover certain needed funds immediately, and the unit owner, who may not be able to bring their account current in one lump sum. Of course, throughout the entire process, the Board of Directors will make the ultimate decision as to settlement terms.

The legal pursuit of collections is not as easy as making a phone call or sending a letter demanding payment. There are strict guidelines that must be followed in regards to the amount of late fees, if any, that can be charged, the amount of time before a unit owner is considered delinquent, the interest rate, if any, that can be charged, and various other nuances contained in the Illinois Statutes and your Declaration of Condominiums or Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions and by-laws.

While Illinois law and the association’s governing documents often mandate that the delinquent unit owner reimburse the association’s costs and legal fees, the association must also be aware that the flipside is also true and that should the association fail to comply with Illinois law and the association’s governing documents when attempting to collect assessments, the association may be responsible for reimbursement to the unit owner for his or her attorney’s fees and costs. Before taking that risk, give the skilled professionals at the Law Offices of Howard D. Weisman a call.

Contact us today for smart advice and skilled representation from an experienced Illinois association law collection attorney. 

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